We are the official New Zealand importers of the amazing Autopot power free growing system.

The Autopot system is the first commercially available hydroponic system that can be used for hydroponic growing without using any electricity. Designed to operate in places where power is either unreliable or just too costly to install. Using gravity as the energy source the Autopot system has the added bonus of being silent to operate. It has since proven to be one of the most efficient hydroponic systems yet developed mainly because it is controlled by the plants themselves.

At the heart of the Autopot system is the aptly named smart valve, this allows the plants to feed when they need not when the timer or controller says. This makes for more efficient use of water and nutrient's as it will self regulate for changes in growth, fruiting or climate. All this is achived without using any electricty. Another benefit is the complete absence of waste run off.

You can start with one of the single growing module starter kits, and just keep going, or you can purchase any number of units you like. There’s no upper limit as to how large you can go, in fact some commercial operations have thousands of units running.


Plant driven watering system - It just works

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