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Autopot NZ Welcomes You

Suppliers of the premium self-watering system for greenhouse and garden

Self-watering pots and trays

Autopot NZ has everything you need to enable you to turn your garden vision into a reality. Without a consistent water supply your plants cannot grow to their full potential. The AutoPot self-watering system has a sustainable solution for all your watering needs.


Self-watering pots

Then AutoPot self watering pots come in a number of different sizes to suit your space and plant needs.


Garden Trays

We stock a large range of garden trays made from recycled plastic

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A Little About Us

We founded Autopot NZ in 2015 when we were importing self-watering systems for our retail hydroponics store. Now Autopot NZ, has grown to supply self-watering solutions and garden trays to hydroponics and gardening stores throughout New Zealand.

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