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Holiday watering



Holiday watering system for up to 14 days

Self-watering trays

Self-watering Garden Trays

Self-watering garden trays in 2 sizes

Large Tray

Garden Trays

Large range of oversized trays ideal for garden, microgreens and workshop


Controlled watering for any tray

Collapsable tanks


Flexible storage tanks

25L collapsible storage

Flexitank 25L

25L Flexible water tank

50L collapsible water storage

Flexitank 50L

50L Flexible water tank

47L recycled plastic tank

47L Plastic Tank

47L Plastic tank

Garden Tray

Giant Tray

Giant Garden Tray

Garden Tray

Premium Tray

Premium Garden Tray

Garden Tray

Titan Tray

Titan Garden Tray

Garden Tray

Jumbo Tray

Jumbo Garden Tray

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