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AquaBox Spyder and AquaBox Straight

Power free watering systems

Enjoy all the advantages of power-free, zero-waste, low maintenance watering in your raised beds, planters, and allotment plots. Placed directly in the ground our AQUAboxes distribute water and nutrient solution to the surrounding soil using buried capillary matting. Plant roots naturally head towards the capillary strips and attach there.
As the capillary matting is buried beneath the soil and directly feeds plant roots, less of your water supply evaporates before it reaches the plants, making AQUAbox an incredibly efficient means of irrigation. The AQUAbox only feeds on-demand, meaning your soil should never be inundated. Should you wish, you can switch the device on or off using the fittings supplied.
The devices require no electricity or running water, making them completely suitable for off-grid growing. If desired, you can also feed your plants fertiliser in solution via your reservoir and the pipework supplied with the kit.

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