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Propagation lids

Propagation lids

Cloche covers

Clear Propagation lid for 8.5, 15L and XL pots

Get it right from the start. This propagation lid is tailor-made for an 8.5 L or 15 L pot, designed to be fitted during the crucial early weeks whilst plants are getting established in your system. The lids help to generate the humidity that young plants crave.

Humidity is an essential part of the micro-environment close to leaves. Lack of humidity directly around plants is perhaps the number one cause of poor growth – as leaves curl to protect the plant and transpiration stops.

Your environment, system, and nutrients may be perfect but without local humidity growth can stall. With the help of propagation lids, and the humidity they confer, your plants can quickly take hold, fill out, and enjoy a fantastically sound basis for further vigorous growth.

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