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XL 12 Pot System

XL 12 Pot System

25L XL 12pot System

Autopot 25L XL 12pot System

Flexible by design.
A round base and modular design mean each 1Pot XL module can be rotated, repositioned or removed without difficulty or detrimental effects on the system. Such adjustability maximises the efficiency of lighting arrangements at every stage of growth.

Immense pot size.
A 25L pot means plants grow efficiently, continuously and vigorously. Plant development in the 1Pot XL module is unhindered by the need to transfer to a larger pot, such is the module’s exceptional capacity.

Plant health.
Each module is fed by its own AQUAvalve, responding to the plant’s needs and ensuring each plant can develop at its own rate – essential for the stock, specimen and mother plants with which commercial and hobby growers populate their greenhouses.

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